Frequently Asked Questions


How big is a BIOBRIQ?

Because BIOBRIQs are made from a high pressure press, they are uniform in shape (H 52mm x W 153mm). The length can vary, we aim to produce them around 90mm long but can't guarantee the length, hence why we sell by weight instead.  


How long do they burn for?

A single BIOBRIQ can last approximately an hour on high, or two hours on low, this can range however on a number of factors. 


How many BIOBRIQs would I use in one night?

Depending on fire setting and model, users have reported between 6-10 for an average nights heating. This of course depends on how you use them. 


How many BROBRIQs do I need compared to traditional firewood?

We estimate that 1 tonne of BIOBRIQs is about the same as 4.2m3 of traditional firewood. 


How do I light the BIOBRIQs?

Biobriqs are easy to light using firelighters or newspaper and is meant as a replacement for firewood or can be mixed with traditional firewood. 


How do I store BIOBRIQs?

Biobriqs are uniform in width and height taking up less space and making for easy stacking. As they are compressed, dry wood, exposure ti water greatly diminishes the usability of BIOBRIQs. They should be stored in a dry area, preferably inside the home, garage or shed. 


Can I order wholesale?

Contact our team through the form in the contact section and we will be in contact. 


Any other questions?

Contact our team through the form in the contact section and we will be in contact soon.